About Us

    Why Us?

    LendMesh is a unique Loan Service provider in that we bring the best FDIC/NCUA-backed lenders with low-interest rate installment loan offers directly to you, our customer–for FREE. No other online loan service providers offer the same service as LendMesh. Whether you are looking for a home equity loan, a debt consolidation loan, a loan to upgrade your car, or even a loan to finish that degree you’ve wanted to get, LendMesh will do the hard work and bring the lenders to you–for FREE!

    What Inspired LendMesh

    A few years ago, Mr. Manne decided he needed a personal loan. So, as most of us would do, he approached a few private banks and lenders. Mr. Manne had researched advertised interest rates and had all the information he needed. But he soon discovered that it wasn’t that simple.

    The loan rates advertised by the lending institutions came with conditions, so the actual interest rates were much higher than Mr. Manne had anticipated. Reaching out to loan specialists, Mr. Manne was promised he would get the best interest rates, but there were processing fees to pay for this service–as much as 5% of the total loan amount sanctioned.

    Startled by the realization that making the loan process less complex would result in still paying extra costs to the middleman, Mr. Manne decided to attack the extensive research himself. He spent many hours researching banks and credit unions, different types of loans, which institutions offered better interest rates and more. Ultimately, Mr. Manne was able to find and accept a loan offer with an interest rate within his budget and saved himself thousands of dollars in processing fees that the middleman would have received.

    Then Mr. Manne decided that he could make the process easier for others too, and importantly, it would be a free service for borrowers. After all, the loan process is complicated enough, so getting help shouldn’t come with the added stress of spending money to get money. And so, LendMesh was inspired.

    From Excel spreadsheets and map pinning and some old-fashioned legwork, Mr. Manne's efforts molded into what LendMesh is today. A free online service to our customers looking for a loan that will give them the best interest rate with installment payments to meet their requirements.

    With established relationships with FDIC- and NCUA-backed banks and credit unions and interest rate data updated daily, LendMesh will bring the banks to you.

    If you aren’t quite ready to search for a loan yet, we also have an informative blog to check out with all sorts of loan-related and banking things.

    We at LendMesh are always keen to hear from our customers or potential customers. If you know of other banks or credit unions that offer excellent rates, please share their information with us, and we will initiate discussions to bring them on board.

    If you would like to start discussing your loan requirements and options, or if you simply want to share your loan-obtaining experience, please feel free to contact us @ Contact Us

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