Bad credit holders are often required to pay high-interest rates when they apply for a loan. This is because most lenders identify the applicant’s credit score to decide what interest rate they should be offered.

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With the economic downturn, people with bad credit history are more likely to borrow money from lenders. Several companies are offering personal loans for bad credit history holders with rates that are surprisingly low. It is very easy to apply for this loan because it does not require any upfront cost or collateral. One can get the loan amount either in one go or in installments.

Credit unions are one of the best sources of loans for folks with bad credit. It starts with the fact that credit unions are not-for-profit institutions, which means they can plow more of their income back into new loans.

Credit unions resemble banks in many ways but differ in one important aspect. They are nonprofit financial institutions owned by their member-customers. This difference has far-reaching effects because credit unions consider the needs of their members in a way that few banks do.

Credit unions perform most of the same functions as banks. However, you must become a member to join a credit union. The small membership fee is well worth it, especially if you have bad credit and are searching for a loan. Oftentimes, credit unions also tend to be smaller than banks and can offer more personalized services and a more community-oriented approach than larger financial institutions. These three credit unions fit the bill nicely.

Customers are also members/owners, credit unions naturally favor caring and accommodating service. Factors such as length of membership and recommendations from other members can help facilitate the loan process. It also means that credit unions may allow a higher debt-to-income ratio than other institutions or traditional banks.

Another intriguing option that many credit unions offer is a credit-builder account. The concept is simple, receive a small loan secured by your savings account. The credit union reports your monthly repayments to at least one credit bureau, which can help boost your credit score.

Event you can get credit cards from credit unions which helps to build the credit history. By repaying the loan on time, you will be in a better position to qualify for future personal loans. In most cases, credit unions charge loan interest rates below those offered by conventional bank.